FTM Associates LLC (FTM) is a Manufacturers Representative that addresses Energy Conservation Solutions for HVAC&R and Industrial Process markets where heating, cooling, refrigeration and or manufacturing process costs are a significant portion of a facility's energy consumption. FTM approaches these markets by placing our emphasis on the ultimate customer, the Owner. Our aim is to satisfy the Owner's requirements not by just offering quality components and service at a fair price, that's a given, but offering a high level of value and lower cost of ownership.

We work with engineers, contractors, suppliers, and our manufacturers to create systems that are efficient and cost effective. We can supply stand-alone components or turn-key solutions depending on the situation. Whether you need a VFD to control fan speed on your dry-side heating appl
ication or pump operation as part of a wet-side system, or want us to provide a complete energy efficient system solution, FTM is there for you. Talk to us and let us show you how we can make your business more profitable!


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